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Indiegogo campaign for W E A T H E R

W E A T H E R is a new collaboration between dancemaker MaryGrace Phillips and artist-sculptor Justin Rabideau. It is a full-length live dance performance that happens within the world of sculptural installation. With an ensemble cast of 6 dancers, W E A T H E R looks at our bodies’ relationships as landscape with their own systems of chaotic transformation.

Numerous cultures before ours attributed the weather’s unpredictability to gods, and their routine rites were a way of appealing to (or thanking) the gods' favor. While our modern day Western rituals look different, we still possess a lack of control and an inability to predict the weather’s future past a certain point; and human survival still depends on the weather’s good graces. Chaos: the spontaneous unpredictability of forces that work towards their own attractors, forces that grow with surprising speed and scale. Though we are examining weather, we may as well be examining human nature. This work is research into the liminal line between forces of change and those forces which act to create these changes.

Sculptor-Artist: Justin Rabideau
Lead Dance Artist: MaryGrace Phillips
Dance Artists: Laura Briggs, Clara Guyton, Jeremiah Thompson, Hez Stalcup + Nicholas Surbey
Sound Artists: Jared Kelley + Erin Palovick

MaryGrace Phillips is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of MaryGrace Phillips must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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7:00 PM19:00

Prism |Solo Show| at Made Again

When did you know a career in the art world was for you?


I drew a lot growing up, especially in high school, so I decided to take Drawing 101 as an elective in college. When the semester was over, I just couldn’t stay away from the art studio. I found my voice there. Once I began to show my work, that voice joined a larger conversation. Making artwork began to feel so much bigger than the painting itself – this is when I knew I needed to pursue it.


Tell us about the mediums you choose to work with and why?


I love this question. Although my background is in drawing and painting, I can’t help but explore other mediums when a project calls for it. Drawing and painting, for me, is an act of meditation, simplicity, and balance. When an idea needs presence and mindfulness, I typically steer towards performance. I work in sound and video for an ethereal gesture.


I understand my work best when I am in conversation with other creatives, which often leads to learning new skills. So although I feel most at home when I’m drawing or painting, it’s important for me to step away from what’s familiar and cozy.


Can you take us through your process and concept for this show?


Prism began as a study on color. I’ve spent the majority of the last year completely stuck on the color blue. At one point I was commissioned to paint with another color and it honestly made me nervous. So I decided to challenge myself by working through the colors of the rainbow. I started to pay more attention to a hanging prism I have next to my drawing table. Every hour or so, a rainbow spreads across a different corner in my studio and it feels like magic every time. I can’t help but take it as a reminder that this is all magic.


How do you deal with creative blocks in your work?


There are a couple different types of creative blocks for me – one in which I’m just not making anything, and another in which I don’t know what’s next. The creative block where I’m simply not producing work is not as scary as it used to be. I feel like that’s just part of this cyclical process. Perhaps it’s time to rest. Or time to learn something new.


The moments when I don’t know what’s next usually means it’s time to play. Play for me is through conversations and community. It’s spending time outside to feel connecting to something larger. It’s walking through the library without a mission, or reading poetry, or people watching. This kind of time is my research and when I’m turned on in this way, it’s hard to stay blocked for too long.


What would your advice be for someone trying to be successful in a creative career?


I’m really terrible at giving advice. My general advice would be to be kind to yourself. This is a difficult career path, but it’s often not one that you chose. It’s something that calls to you. If this is your calling, you’re most capable if you put in the work to be your best self.


What is your favorite part about being an artist in Atlanta?


There is such a generous, curious, and gracious community of artists in this city. I feel fortunate every day to have such a beautiful chosen family in the brilliant and ever-inspiring artists who make a life here. 


How would you spend a perfect day?


I’m an early riser, so my perfect day would start before the sun. My morning ritual would consist of yoga, coffee, breakfast and porch time. The peak of my creative energy is later in the morning, so a perfect day would be art making until lunch. All the food for lunch is from my local farmer and cooked with all the spices. A doughnut is probably involved. I’ll get back to work and finish up whatever creative stroke of genius I started in the morning and spend some time outside next. For dinner I would have all my favorite people over for a potluck and wine until it was time to do it all over again. Just kidding - sleep. I love sleep. They would all be gone by 10pm. 



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The Hambidge Auction

Hambidge Art Auction + Performance Gala

Saturday, April 29th @ Colony Square 

"This year we are thrilled to relocate to Colony Square, in the heart of Atlanta, at the corner of Peachtree and 14th Streets. Our new home will provide an incredible fresh canvas for our brightest talents to shine, while also providing you a new level of easy access via valet parking, plenty of self-parking, and access via Marta’s Arts Center station. Colony Square has embraced our events, and we welcome their partnership.  

In addition to 200 superb works of art, the event will also feature Hambidge’s new Creative Hive Project, featuring seven teams of artists that will transform spaces throughout Colony Square with engaging and interactive installations, dance and musical performances. Also, be prepared for a virtual feast for the eyes with a larger than life art installation by Jason Hackenworth. His creations have been featured in The Guggenheim Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Museum of Scotland and many others. Jason’s installation will be taken down during a fun dance party at the end of May."

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11:00 AM11:00



Please join me on Sunday, March 5th, for a studio visit in Inman Park. I'll be opening my doors to share my newest work and a cup of tea. 

SUNDAY, MARCH 5TH // 11am-3pm

RSVP below if you are interested in stopping in. Studio address and details will be emailed. 

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6:00 PM18:00


The Gathering

Group Exhibition Opening: Fri, March 3rd

6pm-9pm || WonderRoot Gallery

982 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30316

March is Women’s Month and WonderRoot is celebrating by unveiling our all wom*n’s exhibition: The Gathering. This Women’s Month brings recognition to the dynamic work that women have and continue to accomplish in our lives through acknowledging the spirit of collaboration, communion and activation.

The Gathering highlights the work of 8 Atlanta artists and will also serve as a communal space for cis women, trans women and non-binary people to come together and create a safe-space for dialogue, creativity and healing. In addition to the exhibition, WonderRoot will host a series of events and workshops in conjunction with local filmmakers, artisans and healers to provide wellness and information for the women in our communities.

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8:00 PM20:00


un sound

Mammal Gallery, Atlanta GA


a space to safely navigate the stories told by our head and heart.

a collection of movement that untangles everything we may know about starting. 

a curated experience that worships the house, the notebook, the memory, the phone, the post-it. 

un sound is in praise of quiet moments. On opening night, we will invite you to enter the space in silence.

Erin Palovick and Jared Kelley's installation establishes a sense of reality within the walls of Mammal Gallery, and at 8pm on November 4th it will stage a silent performance choreographed by Erin Palovick and Hez Stalcup with collaborators MaryGrace Phillips, Anicka Austin, Jane Foley Garver and Jared Kelley. Guests are asked to arrive in silence.


UNSOUND calendar

Friday, November 4th
8:15pm-9:00pm (doors at 8pm)
un sound
Performance choreographed by Hez Stalcup with collaborators MaryGrace Phillips, Anicka Austin, Jane Foley Garver, Jared Kelley, and Erin Palovick. Guests are asked to arrive in silence. 

Sunday, November 6th
Silenced Yoga Class led by Rachelle Knowles
Guests are asked to arrive in silence.
*Donation based class supporting Cultivate Union

Saturday, November 12th
Relational performance by Iman Person

Sunday, Novemeber 20th
Opens doors between 11:00am-4:00pm
Self Impression
Installation & Performance by Narinder Bazen

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September 29 - October 2, 2016 at 8pm
B Complex, Atlanta GA
Presented by MaryGrace Phillips

Sound Design by Erin Palovick + Jared Kelley

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